Statutory Health Insurance Physicians’ Association of Saxony-Anhalt launches entry program for medical specialists from EU-countries

Statutory Health Insurance Physicians’ Association of Saxony-Anhalt supports professional development of medical specialists with EU qualifications, to improve outpatient care in the state

The Statutory Health Insurance Physicians’ Association (KV) in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt has started an ambitious program to qualify and prepare medical specialists with EU qualifications for careers in the field of outpatient care in Germany (German website: .

The idea is, on the one hand, to improve medical services provided by general practioners and specialists in rural areas of Saxony-Anhalt. On the other hand, this will offer interested specialists with EU qualifications a long-term perspective with a wide range of opportunities for their professional development.

This is addressed, in particular, to specialists with EU diplomas in the fields of General Medicine / Internal Medicine, Opthalmology, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Neurology.

Specialists who are not yet sufficiently fluent in German will also be welcome.

Apart from professional/technical preparation and training, the program also includes intensive language training. Depending on the existing level of language competence, individual language courses up to level B1 may be started in the participant’s home country. Training up to levels B2 and C1/ Medicine will than take place in the form of an intensive language course in Germany, which will take four months.

Immediately after the language course, the physician’s familiarization will take place in a medical practice or surgery operated by the KV, or some other suitable practice in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, under the guidance of experienced German specialists.  The idea is to enable the EU physicians, after adequate preparation, to take over medical responsibility for running these practices, with the status of employees of the KV. In a long-term perspective, the physician may – if he or she is interested – also take over responsibility for running the practice as a business. Long-term cooperation between the physicians and the KV is considered desirable and encouraged in every possible way.

During the training and preparatory stage, the KV of Saxony-Anhalt will cover the costs for language training courses in the participant’s home country and in Germany. The KV will also cover the costs for lodging (up to 500,- € per month) and maintenance in Germany during the training stage (monthly payment of 1.560,- € gross).

By accepting an applicant for this program, the KV guarantees this physician a job in Saxony-Anhalt unter the condition that “Approbation” (i.e. the licence for practising medicine in Germany) and recognition as a medical specialist are obtained by fulfilling the respective requirements.

Starting with the familiarization stage in the respective practice / surgery, the KV will pay an attractive fixed salary, based on collective agreements with the “Marburger Bund” (Physicians’ Union). Incentives based on performance and agreed allowances for providing individual services and operative tasks will top up the physician’s pay, opening up opportunities for an interesting development of his or her income situation. The basic salary will amount to 5.600,- € gross per moths throughout the six-months probation period and rise to 6.350,- € gross after.

In return, the physicians who participate in the program will undertake to work for five years as specialists in the sector of outpatient care in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The place where they will work depends on the requirements for sustaining a system of outpatient care in all regions of the state, taking into account – as far as possible – the physician’s individual interests.

The entire project organisation is coordinated by pvmed Personalvermittlung  (pvmed Personnel Placement, German website: Language instruction will be provided in cooperation with the Central Academy for Health Professions at Gütersloh (German website: Language instruction in the participants’ home countries – where necessary – will be provided by well-known language schools.

Interested physicians should contact pvmed Personalvermittlung and e-mail a current CV, containing all relevant details, to

Project leadership:
pvmed Personalvermittlung
Owner: Jörg Tollert
Friedrichshafner Strasse 180
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